Event Tourism National Competition

Event Tourism National Competition

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The best projects in the field of event tourism of Primorsky region are being introduced at the federal level. Final competition of National Tourism Award has started in Yaroslavl on 13th of October.  19 laureates of Primorsky regional level competition introduce their projects at the finals. Before going to the Yaroslavl organizers of the regional level competition have met with the winners and discussed the prospects of further development.

Konstantin Shestakov, the head of the tourism department of Primorsky region Administration: "Projects are not something ephemeral, all of them are developing. These projects are being improved every year. "

It’s worth to mention, that not even one project, submitted by Primorsky region has repeated. That is the reason we have got so many laureates in different categories in our region this year. Thus, 19 winners of regional level competition will introduce their projects in Yaroslavl.

Different tourism projects of Primorsky region will be introduced during the finals, some of the projects are being implemented in remoted areas of the region, such as "Primorsky fishing float" of Artem city, and "611 steps to the stars" tourist route of Dalnegorsk city. Special attention is being payed to the environmental projects.

Natalia Miroshnikova, the head of research department of Primorsky region Oceanarium says: " Ocean - an unknown Universe " Festival should become an important event of our city. Hope that we will have more events of such kind in Vladivostok. I’m talking about ecological events. I would like people to love and appreciate the ocean and its amazing creatures. "

National Tourism Award gave inspiration to many participants. Some of the participants introduced their projects for the first time and seeing the results that can be achieved are now ready to evolve in order to become a winner of the next year competition.

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